Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 9- God's Window

Due to the slow internet connection, there are a lack of pictures in the last few post. However, keep checking back and I will keep adding more photos and details.... enjoy!

We took a break from safariing today; however, today was as exciting as ever! We began the day with an early breakfast, then headed straight for the mountains. Our first stop was at the mountain’s welcome center where we marveled at the beautiful lake. It is the prettiest shade of blue-green with enormous plateaus and mountains surrounding it. Inside the center, there were pictures and information about the area.

We drove for an hour and a half to a different part of the mountain called the “Three hats.” I can’t remember what South African word was translated into “hats” but that what it means. It is called that because these three plateaus form three hat-like structures. It was an amazing view and I felt like I was a bird, being so high up.

Our next destination was to the “potholes.” This is a large rocky plateau that water runs over and forms a cascade of small waterfalls. Several large holes have been carved out by the water and looked like hot tubs (although I be the water was freezing)! While there, we saw a beautiful blue lizard with an orange tail. We haven’t seen many reptiles so far, so I was pretty excited because I love lizards! I’m hoping to see some snakes, turtles, crocodiles, or frogs while I’m here, but I think many are in hibernation because it is winter here.

Next, we went to God’s Window, a breathtaking view after a brief climb up the mountain. The pictures don’t do it justice!

After all the hiking and sightseeing, we were starving! We went to Harrie’s Pancakes, an adorable restaurant that serves a ton of different fillings in pancakes. You can pick between sweet fillings (bananas, cinnamon sugar, caramel, chocolate, etc) or savory fillings (different kinds of meat, vegetables, eggs, etc.). My sweet tooth and I ordered the banana, cinnamon sugar, and caramel pancake. Our table all ordered milkshakes then, when we were finished, we ordered a second round of more milkshakes… I think we were fitting the American stereotype all too well! The sugar must have gotten to us because throughout lunch, we could not stop laughing and thought everything was hilarious.

After lunch, we went shopping in the cute little town. One of the coolest shops was a vintage African store with lots of artifacts. I picked up some pretty cool treasures from there. Before loading in the van, an adorable little boy who belonged to one of the street venders came up to us. His mother told us he was about 1 ½, and he entertained us all by dancing and playing with us.

By the time we reached Mohlabetsi we were ready for dinner. We took our seats at the tables circling the fireplace and had a delicious butternut squash, chicken kabob, and Malva pudding dinner. As I walked out one of the workers was standing in the shadows and scared me to death! It wasn't her fault, but boy, they're almost as sneaky as the hyenas! 

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  1. You sure do pack a lot of activities into one day! Sounds like an awesome time!