Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 14- Mohlebetsi

Morning field notes:

1. Steenbok

2. Leopard (same as last night)
·      Birds sound alarm call at it

3. 2 male rhinos grazing
·      Become big enough to challenge a new male in their late 20’s
·      The reserve injects poison into the rhinos’ horns to deter poachers from hunting them and selling their horns on the black-market.
o   Horns sell for about $80,000 per kg and about ½ a million for 1 horn.
o   Rhinos’ only predators are humans
o   Their eye sight is bad; this contributes to them charging blindly at foes and being very aggressive.

4. 3 female giraffes
·      An ox pecker tried to get in one’s ear and the giraffe shook it off.

5. Harem herd of impala (30-40)

*Olifants River—means “elephant river” in Afrikaans.

6. 6 Wilderbeast with impala

Afternoon game drive

1. Adult female giraffe

2. 2 hippo (1 male and 1 female)
·      One lifted out of the water and opened its mouth (threatening behavior)
·      Harem structure
·      Skin is sensitive so they secrete a sun screen-like chemical while out of the water.
·      Can hold breath for 5-6 minutes
·      One was grunting at us (threatening behavior)

3. Little crocidile

4. 4 waterbuck (3 males and 1 young female)

5. Tawny eagle roosting in tree

6. Guinea fowls

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