Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 15- Leaving Mohlebetsi

Morning game drive:

1. 2 Female giraffe
·      females tend to feed lower on trees than males to avoid competing with each other.

2. 7 wilderbeast laying down or grazing

3. Large harem herd of impala
·      when breeding season is over, males integrate back into the herds

4. Squirrel warming in the sun

5. 5 Banded mongoose

6. African green pidgen

7. White helmet shrike
·      Social birds
·      When a female is sitting on nest, the whole group takes responsibility and helps

8. Pearl spotted owl

9. 3 female giraffes

10. 5 zebra
·      Each zebra pattern is unique; babies learn mother’s stripe pattern.

11. Collective herd of giraffes, zebra, wilderbeast, warthogs, and impala

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